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Now that all of us have returned to our homes, the warm feeling of summer begins to settle in. As I sit here writing my final post, I smile at all the happy memories that I have made during my past week in the beautiful city of Istanbul. From the crazy taxi journeys to the calm and serene ferry ride across the Bosphorus, I feel that I have experienced the Turkish lifestyle quite well. The lessons I have taken away from the company visits leave me in a state of inquiry regarding future opportunities within the domestic and global economy. What kinds of events lie ahead? Will expansion be the key to success for other companies in the near future? To simply state, I have many more questions now about forming an effective business plan that will allow a company to expand its horizons and increase profit. This increases my interest in my field of study as well as my upcoming courses in the next few years. In any case, this question left to us future business leaders to answer.

The moment I stepped foot in LA, I was shocked to realize that just 13 hours ago, I was in Istanbul, Turkey. Even in that instance, I still couldn’t grasp the notion that I was actually able to go to such a place. The whole trip could not have been any better. Despite the lack of sleep on some nights, I was never once not happy about my choice to choose Istanbul. This trip has not only opened my eyes to new cultural norms and professional business affairs, but it has definitely been the highlight of my freshman year at USC. No other school could organize such an event any better.

In the upcoming years, I hope that I can take these valuable lessons from this course and apply it to future encounters with businesses either on other international programs or internships. I am sure that the knowledge that I have acquired is truly relevant to helping me become successful in global business. I would be truly excited to revisit this historical and inspiring city in the near future.

Until next time, Istanbul…

Fight on!!

-Leslie Sheaimage